Why significant in dancing? A situation for dancing as a discipline in colleges in 2018

Parents, provosts, and authors of recent articles/discussion boards are questioning the purpose or viability for dance programs in contemporary university structures. An article in Dance USA from 2015 presents a narrow view of the role of collegiate dance. Understanding the wider lens on dance education, it can be an excellent path to career success. College programs in dance transcend training an elite artist/athlete. College training educates the student to become an artist/citizen with a depth of expertise in the physical forms as well as the historical, cultural, political and scientific aspects of dance. When Towson University dance major alumni from 2008-2013 were polled, 85.4% of respondents stated they were fully employed in dance or a dance-related field. Students can go on to be dancers, choreographers, and dance educators. In linking dance study with another major they also prepare to become dance journalists, anthropologists, physical therapists, or arts administrators. The dance major also develops skills that translate to other endeavors.