A guide to the APSA 2018 conference

The 114th American Political Science Association Annual Meeting & Exhibition will be held in Boston this year from August 30th – September 2nd. This year’s conference theme “Democracy and Its Discontents,” explores the challenges facing democracy in the U.S. and in emerging democracies around the world. Drop by the OUP booth (#315) to visit with our attending staff and to see our newest books including leading work in the field and APSA award-winning titles. There are also several OUP authors on various panels throughout the conference. Here are just a few panels we are looking forward to:

The cost of the American dream

In its simplest form, the American Dream asserts that success should be determined by effort, not one’s starting point. This is the promise on which most Americans base their hopes and the calculus that is supposed to govern our institutions. Specifically, in the modern US economy, the path to prosperity is understood to pass through the education system. Americans believe—and children are told—that individuals should have an equitable chance to climb the economic ladder, through exertion of their innate talents. However, while there are few ways for children to exit poverty without educational attainment, there is mounting evidence that education is far from a guaranteed ticket to opportunity.

Big Data and the Happiness of Cities

In today’s world of big data and mass media saturation, statistics and graphs are constantly being thrown at us. For researchers, wading through, and making sense of, the sea of numbers is as much about the journey as the destination. But for most people who are simply trying to live their lives, all these facts and figures appear like so much street noise to be filtered out, or flies to be swatted away.